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Return Date Set

Circadian Poems plans to return on Monday, May 7.

With two devastating floods in six weeks and a bout of flu in between, I’m a little behind. If you have an outstanding submission, I will get back to you as soon as I can within the next few weeks.

Power is still a little wonky, and I’m not confident about how long the DSL will hold up.

Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Devon Ellington
Circadian Poems



By Kell E. Harper

Giggle, giggle
flip, flip
wiggle, wiggle
twitch, twitch.
Flirt but don’t
mean it.
when called out.
Act like an
Be treated
as one.
This is twenty-first
century feminine?

Kell E. Harper wishes she was old enough to have marched with Gloria Steinam and Betty Friedan.


In Honor of St. Patrick’s Day

Scotland Neglected

Colin Galbraith

Irish history plasters
the walls
and Celtic harps
provide the illusion
of limericks and lime.

Old men on stools
and young girls
with fools
celebrate Saint Paddy
instead of Saint Andy.

The Black Stuff flows
over four
leaf clovers,
and green and white flags
flap for Athenry.

It’s as close as they get
to their
Gaelic cousins,
Scotland neglected
for Irish eyes.

Colin Galbraith is the author of several books of poetry. Fringe Fantastic: The Poet’s Experience of the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, was his first paperback release and met with critical acclaim in December 2005. Brick by Brick was published in April 2005 as an e-book, as was Silly Poems for Wee People Vol.1 in March 2006. His latest chapbook, Poolside Poetry, is now available. Colin lives in Edinburgh, Scotland, with his wife and daughter.

He has a website at

Brief Hiatus

Due to the massive flooding and aftermath on March 2, Circadian will be on a brief clean-up hiatus until March 15.

We will see you then.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


By Wren Fallon

(For Sharon Olds and Jackie Kay)

Poetry about

Succinct visions of
items and common
that feel extraordinary
as they course through
your veins

The thrill that tickles your gut
spreads up and down
tackling your heart
teasing your knees
catching in your throat
before it bursts forth
from the head, hands, and

A literary orgasm
as you recognize
a piece of yourself
in someone else’s

Wren Fallon has neither a website nor a blog, and that’s the way she likes it.

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inviting my muse

inviting my muse
by Sylvia C.

it’s a new moment, now
I’m sitting here
inviting my muse

asking her
what she wants of me
what she has for me
and what I can give her

she’s a sneaky lady
in all of her disguise
still only revealing herself
when I am fully ready

though she won’t
just take my word for it
i must prove to her
with an open heart
and a sincere soul

only she can tell
if I am ready

and only I can tell
when she has come

Sylvia C. lives and writes in Kansas City. Poetry and children’s literature interest her most. Sylvia also enjoys reading, going on walks, listening to music, and dancing. Click over to her blogs to learn more: and


Man at the Playground

Man at the Playground
By Harry Bernard

One would think,
in this supposedly
the sight of a man
at the playground
wouldn’t immediately
trigger fears of paedophelia.

A man is capable
of staying home and
being the primary caretaker.
Even of triplets.
It is a challenge.
But if a man can walk on the moon,
he can take care of children.
And if a woman can bear children,
she can tackle the corporate world.
Especially if she prefers it.

I am not weak
because I like to stay home
and perform domestic chores.
Nor am I emasculated.
Just ask my wife.
Just ask my kids.
I prefer to nurture.
My wife is a natural warrior.

Yet if our children are
we are both ferocious.

Harry Bernard is tired of the double standard applied to stay-at-home fathers.