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Return Date Set

Circadian Poems plans to return on Monday, May 7.

With two devastating floods in six weeks and a bout of flu in between, I’m a little behind. If you have an outstanding submission, I will get back to you as soon as I can within the next few weeks.

Power is still a little wonky, and I’m not confident about how long the DSL will hold up.

Your patience is greatly appreciated.

Devon Ellington
Circadian Poems



By Kell E. Harper

Giggle, giggle
flip, flip
wiggle, wiggle
twitch, twitch.
Flirt but don’t
mean it.
when called out.
Act like an
Be treated
as one.
This is twenty-first
century feminine?

Kell E. Harper wishes she was old enough to have marched with Gloria Steinam and Betty Friedan.