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Still on Hiatus

Unfortunately, due to circumstances beyond our control, we are still on hiatus.

If you are waiting to hear on the status of a submission, please bear with us. We hope to get through everything and have our decisions one way or another in the next few weeks.

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Have a joyful holiday season!

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Waiting For Life

Waiting for Life
By Faith Fenner

Do you ever feel
that life it out
somewhere instead
of being
and now?
I go to class.
I study.
I have a job.
I hang out with friends.
something just
out of my
and I wonder
when I’ll catch up.

Faith Fenner is a high school junior in the northeast with writing dreams and goals.



By Chloe Crooikshank

Ripe rich luscious dark purple
Tart tough smooth skin
Protects succulent vibrant flesh.
A bite is sensual pleasure
That brings nutrition
Beauty substance health
A metaphor for perfect life.

Chloe Crooikshank is a college student. She is fascinated by texture and substance.


Rain Chant

Rain Chant
By Dawn Appleton

We learned the chant
As little girls
We sang and circled round.

We fear the chant
As grown-up girls
Watch Doppler and the ground.

What do we chant
For rain or shine
To as the gods to spare?

Dance round and round
Hide underground
Or flee in such despair?

We warmed the Globe
She fights us now
Is there too much to hope?

Or can we sway
Nature’s harm’s way
And throw ourselves a rope?

Dawn Appleton woke up to environmental issues late in life. She hopes it’s not too late.



By Brenda Braene

Seeds struggling
against the sod.
Breaking through,
into seedlings
striving towards light
and life.
Hear the earth moan,
hear the seeds groan.
You can almost feel the pain
Of Nature’s birth,
the struggle towards
new life,
new cycle.

Brenda Braene is a frequent contributor to Circadian Poems. Her much neglected blog is Poet Meets Muse, and she shares a website with her sisters, The Three Braenes.


Desire in Passing

Desire in Passing
By Wren Fallon

Walk past
Your architecture attracts
Turn your head
The eyes seduce
Smile . . .
And I want you.

Are walking down the street
And I
Am riding on the bus,
Never to intersect.

Wren Fallon has neither blog nor website, and that’s the way she likes it.